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The mission of Central California Life magazine is to spotlight what makes this region a unique and integral part of the Golden State. We do this by telling the stories of the people who live, work and play here

Jeanne Randall: Dancing with the Stars

There’s nothing like a little bling to attract a young girl’s attention. For professional dance instructor Jeanne Randall, whose illustrious career spans an impressive 66 years, it was a pair of gold, sparkly tap shoes that captured her heart and changed her course forever.

The Gift of the Final Hours

Easily the darkest nights of my soul occurred Memorial Day weekend of 2013 when I had to admit to myself that I could no longer care for my wife, Carole. No matter how heroically she and I fought, I could not keep her in the comfort and dignity she deserved after her torturous, protracted fight against a “cancer of unknown origin.” My wife needed the care only hospice could provide.

Behind the Headlines with Bud Elliott

The landscape of local television news changed significantly with the recent retirement of Bud Elliott, longtime anchor for KSEE 24, the Central Valley’s NBC affiliate. Elliott spent more than two decades at the anchor desk and would still be there, he said, were it not for some medical issues that preclude being able to continue. While he declined to go into specifics about the issues on record other than to say that they are “life-changing” but “not life-threatening,” he spoke at length with Central California Life about a number of different topics, including his experiences in broadcast, his views on the state and business of journalism, and his plans for retirement.

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It is the mission of Cen Cali Life Magazine to spotlight what makes our Central Valley a unique and integral part of the Golden State. To learn more about us and our mission, click on the "About Us + Advertising Link" at the top of this page.

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