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Fresno Women's Network, Supporting Business, Personal, and Professional Growth

By Melanie Heisinger, Aug 10, 2016, Categories: Community

The Fresno Women’s Network was founded in 1987 as a way for women to support each other in business, personal, and professional growth.

The 2016 Fresno Food Expo: An Inside Look

By Melanie Heisinger, Aug 08, 2016, Categories: Food+Drink, Today

Amy Fuentes, the manager and organizer of the Expo, talks not only about the success of this year's Expo, but about her own personal achievements, as well.

Fresno Bully Rescue: Breaking Stereotypes One Bully at a Time

By Melanie Heisinger, Aug 04, 2016, Categories: Community, Today

We were lucky enough to get in touch with Shelter Director Bridgette Boothe and learn more about the amazing work FBR is doing to protect bully-breed dogs, one of the more "taboo" breeds.

Cen Cali Heroes: Fresno 13-Year-Old Achieves Junior Black Belt, and She Feels Like a Million Bucks

By Melanie Heisinger, Aug 03, 2016, Categories: Community, Today

After 11 solid years of rising up the ranks, Mary joined her brother, Mark, in the junior black belt club. Mary Topoozian recently earned her junior black belt at the age of 13.

2016 Fresno Food Expo, Nation’s Largest Regional Food Show

By Melanie Heisinger, Aug 01, 2016, Categories: Food+Drink, Community, Today

Buyers and food enthusiasts travel from across the World and U.S. to discover Central California’s finest foods under one roof at the 2016 Fresno Food Expo.

July 2016 Fresno-Area Homes Report: Family Room is the Perfect Place for Entertaining Guests

By Melanie Heisinger, Jul 29, 2016, Categories: Life+Leisure, Today

Looking to own some real estate in the area? Here are 5 beautiful local area houses for sale.

Getting Creative with Owner of Fleurie Flower Studio

By Melanie Heisinger, Jul 28, 2016, Categories: Community

Owner of Fleurie Flower Studio not only creates lovely bouquets, but aims to use locally-sourced flowers as well. Read on to hear her creatively inspiring story in the flower business.

Featured Galleries

  • Rendering Homage: Portraits of a Patron

    11:00AM — 05:00PM

    Los Angeles art patron, collector, and arts advocate, Joan Agajanian Quinn, has been depicted in ...

  • Fiber Art Master Works

    11:00AM — 05:00PM

    This group exhibition of masterworks in fiber art is organized by Fresno Art Museum Executive Dir...

  • The Moradian Gallery presents a two-person exhibition of wood turned and fiber objects by Bob Sto...

  • Imaginary Worlds

    11:00AM — 05:00PM

    Imaginary Worlds are places many of us visit through stories or images in books, movies, and drea...

  • Mexican Folk Art

    11:00AM — 05:00PM

    An exhibition of selected folk art pieces from the Permanent Collection, curated by Kristina Horn...

It looks like we don't have any events for this date. You can always add an event.

  • Cherry Avenue Auction


    Cherry Avenue Auction is open Tuesdays and Saturdays all year round. We’re Fresno’s oldest and bi...

  • Vineyard Farmer's Market

    03:00PM — 06:00PM

    Vineyard Farmers Market provides the finest quality, locally grown*, fruits and vegetables direct...

  • Carthop

    11:00AM — 02:00PM

    CartHop is the downtown Fresno Partnership's weekly gathering of the best independent food trucks...

  • September Art Hop at Frank's Place

    05:00PM — 11:30PM

    As always, we'll be providing free live music, and refreshments from our full bar. Remember, Fran...

  • Fresno Pacific University is hosting a performance by Junai Bugger and Douglas Sumi as part of th...

  • Sunset Kayak Tours

    04:30PM — 08:00PM

    Join us for a short downstream paddle on the San Joaquin River every Friday evening. Our half-da...

  • Live Jazz at The Standard

    06:00PM — 08:00PM

    Every Friday afternoon starting at 6pm we offer live jazz on either the front or back patio. Grab...

  • In September, Arts Visalia will host a solo painting exhibition by Manuel Abad from August 31 thr...