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4 Fun Things To do This New Year's Eve in the Fresno-Area

By Melanie Heisinger, Dec 30, 2016, Categories: Food+Drink, Life+Leisure, Today

We've compiled 4 fun things going on in the Fresno-area this New Year's Eve for your consideration.

CA Grown's Overnight French Toast

By Melanie Heisinger, Dec 23, 2016, Categories: Food+Drink, Today

Tis the season to enjoy comfort foods! Enjoy CA Grown's recipe for Peaches & Cream French Toast Bake.

Engelmann Cellars: Small Batch Winemaking to Create Truly Exceptional Wines

By Melanie Heisinger, Nov 16, 2016, Categories: Food+Drink, Today

Engelmann Cellars is a small boutique winery focusing on quality in the vineyard that is carried throughout the small batch winemaking process to create truly exceptional wines.

Fresno's Underground Suppers: A Unique Culinary Experience in Unexpected Places

By Melanie Heisinger, Oct 17, 2016, Categories: Food+Drink

Fresno's Underground Suppers is a dining experience unlike any other that combines experimental culinary dishes with a little bit of mystery.

Easy Fruit & Nut Super Snacks

By Melanie Heisinger, Sep 20, 2016, Categories: Food+Drink, Today

We came across this tasty recipe by California Grown, and just had to share!

Cen Cali Life's 2016 Fresno-Area Food & Entertainment Guide: Readers' Choice

By Melanie Heisinger, Aug 25, 2016, Categories: Food+Drink, Today

We asked on our Facebook page what your favorite places to eat & visit were, and you answered.

The 2016 Fresno Food Expo: An Inside Look

By Melanie Heisinger, Aug 08, 2016, Categories: Food+Drink, Today

Amy Fuentes, the manager and organizer of the Expo, talks not only about the success of this year's Expo, but about her own personal achievements, as well.

2016 Fresno Food Expo, Nation’s Largest Regional Food Show

By Melanie Heisinger, Aug 01, 2016, Categories: Food+Drink, Community, Today

Buyers and food enthusiasts travel from across the World and U.S. to discover Central California’s finest foods under one roof at the 2016 Fresno Food Expo.

Find Your New Favorite Ice Cream Shop: Cen Cali Life's Fresno-Area Guide

By Melanie Heisinger, Jul 18, 2016, Categories: Food+Drink, Today

We've compiled a list of ice creameries that are sure to entice, as well as a few flavor recommendations from the owners. Bon appetit!

Locally Sourced Foods & Fun Events on the 2016 Fresno County Fruit Trail

By Melanie Heisinger, Jun 20, 2016, Categories: Food+Drink, Today, Outdoors

The Fresno County Fruit Trail consists of local area Farmer's Markets that provide seasonal, locally sourced fruits, veggies, and more.

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    America's beloved humorist shares his folksy wit on a show-stopping Vaudeville tour.

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