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Green Acres is the Place to Be

By: Thomas Bradley

If you are over 40, then you will likely recall the sit-com “Green Acres” where the wealthy city couple moves to the country with the theme song, “Green Acres is the place for me…”. If this reference escapes you, then we will settle for the quote by John Muir, “The mountains are calling, and I must go”.

In either case, it’s all over the news. Microsoft News reported on 4-3-2019 that 44 percent of people in the San Francisco Bay Area plan to leave the city in the next few years due to “people’s economic discomfort, with an ongoing housing crisis and cost of living on the rise.”  Moneywise lists San Francisco as the #1 US city “people can’t flee fast enough”. Vogue reported on 12-10-2019 regarding the surge of Bay Area residents moving away to work remotely for “better work/life balance, not to mention better real estate prices”. Multiple media outlets reported on 4-12-2019 about how $800,000 “will get you this burned out shell of a house” in San Jose.  The blighted San Jose home sold for over $900,000 more than $100,000 over the asking price.

Follow the money. If you still doubt the exodus is happening, then let’s ask As of 4-27-2019 a one-way trip with a 26-foot truck from Dallas to San Francisco quotes as $1282; however, the same truck from San Francisco to Dallas is $4275.

Add this headline from The Guardian, “Sick Cities: Why Urban Living can be Bad for your Mental Health”. Is it time to reconsider your options? The consequences of our lifestyle choices are validated in publications such as Psychology Today (7-6-2018), Scientific American (5-20-2016), and even the World Health Organization. This is yet another motivation to consider getting you and your loved ones out to “green acres”.

$800,000 Home in San Jose

California is a beautiful state. You don’t have to move thousands of miles to find the “work/life balance” that has “better real estate prices”. Have you ever considered Oakhurst, California? Look at just one example. Here is a 2600 square-foot custom home on almost 3 acres that is 25 minutes from the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park, offering beautiful views of the Sierra for $497,500 (Check out the Zillow Listing here at 39533 Brandywine Lane in Oakhurst 93614). Compare this picture to what we just saw that you can get for $800,000 in San Jose:

So, after we consider all these points, what is the moral of this story? It is an emphatic appeal to consider the mountains, the lakes, the high desert, the interior of the state…and rediscover a more affordable California.

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