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My First Triathlon

I’m standing chest-deep in Millerton Lake. The water is so cold I can’t breathe. Yes, I’m wearing a wetsuit. This is a defining moment for me in my quest to tackle yet another item on my bucket list. Should I continue training for a triathlon and possibly fail or give up now and never know whether I would have succeeded?

A Passion for PAWS in Fowler

“I’ve always had a passion for animals.” That’s how Krystle Rivera begins telling the story of how she started her nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter Fowler PAWS (Precious Animals Worth Saving). Rivera works as an accounting technician for the City of Fowler. For many years, when stray animals would be picked up in the area, Rivera grew more and more frustrated watching the city shell out money to euthanize those dogs.

Fresno Dental Professionals: Keeping It All In the Family

Little did William Grabe know when he began practicing dentistry in 1968 that his practice would evolve to include two friends and three sons. Fast-forward 46 years and now the sons have become accomplished dentists—all part of the Fresno Dental Professionals group established by their fathers.

Training After an Injury

So when you start an exercise routine after a major injury, it’s very important to go at your own level and pace. Take it slowly and really concentrate on basic movement, range of motion, posture, balance and proper form.

Information Fatigue Syndrome

"Row, row, row your boat.” It is a simple song, for a simple task. Even a child can row a boat and understand the principles behind why it works. Now look at a modern aircraft carrier. It is a boat; however, its complexity defies the ability of any one individual to fully understand all of the technology on the ship. Certainly, no one individual can operate it alone.

Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival

There may be no better way to spend a spring weekend: sampling food and wine from some of the nation’s most celebrated chefs in Monterey with my husband. The Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival is a four-day celebration in one of the most beautiful coastal areas of California. It is a long weekend of happy hours, dinners, wine tasting and food.

Roy Harland: Culinary Artist

Within minutes, the 72-year-old chef who has made a name for himself as one of the most gifted culinary artists in Fresno, has whipped up something that looks and tastes like one of his signature dishes: Angel Hair Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese. “What I like about food is not what a test kitchen guy would like about food,” Harland says. “I like the art of food. I like the art of music. I like the phrasing. I like jazz. Improvised music.”

Donnie Arax: Bringing the Bullard Knights Back

Donnie Arax is a born coach. He knew when he was 17 that he wanted to coach football. Deep inside, it was the Bullard Knights he wanted to lead, because nobody bleeds Bullard Blue like Arax. His older brother Mark, who wrote the book, “In My Father’s Name,” says, “Our dad Ara coached Little League by day and ran his nightclub in Fresno at night. Our dad was a great coach and he loved it.

Children’s Hospital Central California: Experiencing What’s Possible Through Adaptive Sports

The fun and excitement that come from water skiing on a hot summer day, achieving another level in rock climbing or winning a close basketball game can be hard to beat. For many people with a congenital or acquired physical disability, however, such enjoyable activities seem possible only from the sidelines.

Hanford’s Star Restaurant: Where History and Community Meet

The cuisine is basic American comfort food. But what makes Star Restaurant unique among Hanford’s eateries, and a fact that many locals are unaware of, is its longevity. Star Restaurant opened in 1901 and is Hanford’s oldest restaurant. When the historic Star Restaurant opened, people rode horse-drawn carriages down the new town’s dirt roads, the Model T Ford was eight years away and Superior Dairy would not open for another 29 years.

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