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Desmo Owners Club Fresno Chapter Kickoff Meeting

If you are ready to share the passion with other Ducatista, we are launching the Fresno Chapter of the Desmo Owners Club. We need YOU to get Ducati's support for our local chapter, they are requiring a minimum of 20 participants to get this going. Please contact Scott Younggren at our shop to put your name down! We will be serving an Italian Pizza Lunch at noon. Close your eyes and imagine an extended family that welcomes anyone that, like you, has one fixed thought: an unconditional love for Borgo Panigale's bikes. Imagine being able to enjoy new experiences, discover new places and take part in exciting events. Imagine meeting new friends and travel companions each day, ready to welcome you and share those unique feelings that only your Ducati can bring out in you. Now open your eyes and stop imagining: now it's time to experience reality... the reality of the Desmo Owners Club.

Date & Time

March 5, 2016