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Blind Date With A Book

HERE IS HOW IT WORKS: Attendees pay a small fee to join the event; $2 for one book/$3 for two books/$5 for three books. Potential readers won't know the title/author of the books. Each book is wrapped in plain brown paper or newspaper. This could be a fun way to introduce readers to new authors or genres. Each book carries a short, catchy description on the outside, hinting at the book's genre or theme. Sticking with the blind date theme, readers are asked to not unwrap their mystery book until they leave the event. If they feel it’s not the book for them, they can always return it and try again--no hard feelings. Inside each book is a Rate Your Date bookmark. Readers will fill out the bookmark and return it for $1 off (per bookmark) their next event admission. There will also be a small, free library filled with children’s books for those attendees who bring their children. The children’s books are free to read and/or take with them; conceivably, this would be a way to occupy the child(ren) while their parents/guardians peruse the “blind dates”. The wrapped books will not be categorized. Books will be laid out or in boxes (mixed genres). All proceeds from BLIND DATE WITH A BOOK events will go towards reading and/or literacy programs and community programs that are set up to take donations. Every event will have a different benefactor. Join us and pick a date!

Date & Time

November 8, 2015

10:00AM - 2:00PM