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Tshajlij Production Presents: “The Crush” TUS KUV HLUB at Warnors Theatre

The Crush (tus kuv hlub) starring Haiv Thao as Sai, an aspiring screenwriter who Gao Ivy Yaj has had a crush on since they were children. Years later as adults, Gao plays a character in a movie Sai wrote, but as fate would have it tragedy befalls the star-crossed lovers during the production of the film, and really strange things start to happen on set. The twisted dark humor in this film brings out the best of the horror, romance, and comedy genres. Some promises are kept in this lifetime....some are fulfilled after. This will be a one time show EVENT. Come out and support.

Date & Time

August 28, 2015

7:00PM - 9:00PM

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