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Youth Cattle Sorting Day

This will be Youth only 10 years and under will be one class and 11 to 16... will be the other class. .Must have at least 10 teams for payout which will be 60% Cost will be $20.00 for two 1 minute 30 second goes. May sign up 5 times but has to be with a different partner each time. Cattle will be counted and add together from both goes and the team with the most cattle sorted will win. If there is a tie then the fastest time of the two goes added together will decide the winners. Sign up will be at 915 a.m. to 945 a.m. and we will Sort at 10 a.m.

Date & Time

August 22, 2015


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Cost will be $20.00 for two 1 minute 30 second goes

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