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"Field of View" Art Exhibit Opening Reception

Local artist brings sights and colors of the central valley to works of art in new exhibition

Local artist brings sights and colors of the Central Valley to new exhibit at Fresno City Hall.
In this collection, award-winning Fresno based artist Daniel Van Gerpen captures the shapes, textures, and ambiance of the Central Valley. Much of the inspiration for this work comes from areas surrounding the San Joaquin and Kings Rivers, as well as the canals that transport water to various locations throughout the Valley. The rows and roads bisect the compositions as gridded fields take shape on the canvas. The shimmering river cut a cool wavy line through the verdant, but sometimes arid, landscape.
Van Gerpen creates, oil paintings, mixed media work, and even a sculpture to convey the different moods of the central valley. He represents the lines, shapes, light, and colors of the fields of the valley in a tactile way that reminds the viewer of the place they live.

Join us for the opening reception of "Field of View" on Thursday, June 7th from 5-8pm at Fresno City Hall 

Date & Time

June 7, 2018

5:00PM - 8:00PM