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Nate’s Silent Movies at Full Circle present: “Pandora’s Box” August 23 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Nate's Silent Movies at Full Circle present: Louise Brooks in “Pandora's Box” (1929) with live piano music by Nate Butler! Wednesday August 23 at The Full Circle Brewery Cartoons at 7:00pm; feature at 8:00pm. All ages welcome, but the film is Rated PG-13. Pay What You Want. Louise Brooks' portrayal of a seductive, thoughtless young woman whose raw sexuality and uninhibited nature bring ruin to herself and those who love her, although initially unappreciated, eventually made the actress a star. The film was re-discovered by critics in the 1950s, to great acclaim. Modern critics now praise “Pandora's Box “ as one of the classics of Weimar Germany's cinema, along with “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, “Metropolis”, and “The Last Laugh”. Film critic Roger Ebert reviewed the film in 1998 with great praise, and remarked of Brooks' presence that "she regards us from the screen as if the screen were not there; she casts away the artifice of film and invites us to play with her". He included the film on his list of “The Great Movies”. The title is a reference to Pandora of Greek mythology, who upon opening a box given to her by the gods released all evils into the world, leaving only hope behind. This connection is made explicitly by the prosecutor in the trial scene. The film is also notable for its lesbian subplot, but we won't delve upon that here. htpp://

Date & Time

August 23, 2017

8:00PM - 10:00PM