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Fresno Chinatown Underground Tunnel Tour

Every big city has an active underground network and Fresno is no exception. The ability to duck into a basement and come out in the alley was a matter of survival, but also of sin and entertainment. During this tour learn about the history of Fresno's Chinatown, the mysterious underground tunnels, and the controversy about their existence. With your flashlight in hand, explore a segment of these tunnels and learn their colorful history and uncertain future. Tour includes: - Brief introduction to Fresno Chinatown with light snacks - An hour tour guided by Kathy Omachi underground exploring the stories and mysteries of these tunnels - A post-tour discussion and Q&A with locally baked Chinatown pastries Space is limited to (20) attendees. Tickets can only be purchased online. TICKETS: Additional information about the tour will be sent (1) week prior to the scheduled tour. More information on the underground tunnels -

Date & Time

April 8, 2017

10:00AM - 12:00PM

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