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Geek Night: 59DaysofCode

Guess who’s back, back again. 59DOC’s back, tell a friend. Guess who's back, guess who's back. Guess who's back, guess who's back. That’s right folks, 59DaysOfCode is back in action and they are taking over Geek Night! 59DOC is now a non-profit working to grow the technology industry and community in the San Joaquin Valley, and they want you to be a part of the tech revolution. This Geek Night will be their first annual fundraiser to make sure they have plenty of fuel the fan the flames of awesomeness. Now, they aren’t coming empty handed. That just isn’t their style. There will be robots and code and Legos walls and “Angry Robots” water balloon toss and video games...*deep breath in*...and drones and 3D printing and an H20 machine and Jake & Irma in a dunk tank. You read that correctly. Jake and Irma will be on the auction block and the winner gets a dip in the dunk tank (plus a few other people that could use a good dunking). How can you NOT donate money to see those two be DUNKED IN A TANK OF WATER!?! As always there will be amazing food, free beer courtesy of Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company, and rad conversations...and Jake and Irma in a dunk tank (and maybe Talisha). Just sayin… So, you comin?

Date & Time

April 7, 2017

5:00PM - 7:00PM

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