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This class is a women's self defense seminar designed to help you understand the key points of self defense against larger more aggressive attackers. The ideas and techniques taught here will help give you the confidence to deal with dangerous situations. This class will go beyond the ideas of "yelling fire", "Kick em' in the balls" and "claw their face". While those ideas have their place, there is much more to defending yourself in a real life encounter. We will cover situational awareness, boundary setting, presenting assurance, Escape techniques and the legality and practicality of carrying and using weapons. This is not a martial arts class. We are not going to sit on cushions and achieve a zen state. This is not a sport class where we will talk about boxing or wrestling with your attacker to prove you're the toughest. This is a self defense class, aimed at those who actually desire the ability to defend themselves in a real world situation where you life might be on the line. The world is full of people who are very strong, armed and desire to do you harm, this class is designed to help navigate away from these people and deal with them as directly as possible when required. Come ready to move and work, wear appropriate athletic clothing.

Date & Time

March 5, 2017

9:00AM - 12:00PM