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555 Twin Dolphin Drive
Suite 170
Redwood City, CA 94065

(650) 241-2700

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Business Hours

Monday 8:30 am 5:30 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am 5:30 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am 5:30 pm
Thursday 8:30 am 5:00 pm
Friday 8:30 am 5:30 pm

Founded 2018

We launched Squelch with one purpose:

To empower customer support and success agents with the information they need to delight customers.

Frankly, we believe customer support and success agents are the heroes of a company, and we want to help them realize it.

We listened to them talk about the frustrations they face, and we learned that they spend far too much time looking for information to resolve issues. Too often, they feel under-supported when engaging with customers.

The first step in making them happier is by solving this problem. We know that the information agents need already exists in their organizations; it’s just a matter of getting to it.

As our name suggests, we created Squelch to help reduce this “noise.”

Happy agents, happy teams, happy customers, happy company! Squelch is about customer experience optimization as well as employee empowerment.

We’re looking forward to sharing the journey with our customers and getting to the business of being a great sidekick!