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Valley Recovery Center at Fresno

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6435 N. Palm Avenue
Suite 103
Fresno, CA 93704

(888) 809-9544

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Founded 2015

We are an outpatient drug treatment center in Fresno, California offering intensive outpatient programs as well as partial hospitalization. We accept most insurances and will work with your insurance provider to ensure you receive the care you need to get on the road to a full recovery.


I thought your center would help me begin a lifelong road to recovery. This has been the worst experience of my life; never have I been so unsupported, stigmatized, and disrespected for having an addiction and mental illness. The staff is so unprofessional from the way the dress and present themselves to the way the treat clients to the "groups" they run. As clinicians, you think they would dress more modest instead of wearing tight, revealing clothing. They were always on their phones, and even went so far as to distract us with walks or tv so they could be on their phones for longer! No self control or respect for clients. Every staff member had a lacksidasical attitude, always appearing miserable, and waiting for the clock to hit the minute they could go home. They took no interest in the clients wellbeing, sobriety, or recovery making you feel like a meaningless burden. Groups never taught anything related to recovery or coping skills, leaving a client completely unprepared to face the triggers and cravings of daily life. Groups were a systematic way of wasting time, by using resources a child could find on the Internet and offered no true benefit. I thought this was a dual-diagnosis treatment center; with caring, supportive, and qualified staff? Essentially the only service provided was a room for addicts to spend 3 hours 3 days a week in, with minimal and non effective involvement from a "clinician". So much money and time wasted for uncaring and unsupportive "help".

Service on Dec 11