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Solace Center Fresno

1470 W Herndon Suite 100
Fresno, CA 93711

Solace Center is a comprehensive emotional health and wellness center aimed at supporting adults, children and families in living happy and healthy lives. Solace Center provides a wide range of services to empower you and your family. Like our namesake, Solace, which means to help and comfort, we strive to offer a warm and supportive environment to support you or your family to achieve your life goals.

Life can be challenging and is often stressful. We feel anxious, depressed, confused, or overwhelmed at some point during our life experience and need help dealing with feelings and problems that seem beyond our control. For many, help may come form friends, family members, significant others etc. but in some cases support needs to come from a licensed professional.

Let Solace Center provide that support you need.

Listed below are services our licensed staff can provide:

Counseling - Individual for children and adults, couples counseling, group therapy and family counseling.

New Mommy Services- Sleep training, infant massage, support groups.

Evaluations - ADHD evaluations.

Consultation- Professional case consultation.

Supervision - Supervision for licensure or practice requirements.