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McMillan Consulting

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7447 N Palm Bluffs Ave
Suite 101
Fresno, CA 93711

(559) 650-3700

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Founded 1991

McMillan Consulting Background

With its many years of experience, McMillan Consulting has developed a technology strategy that enables its clients to make sound investments in information systems that address the following areas:

Reliability – Over the past 24 years, our clients have experienced extremely little downtime in both frequency and duration. This is largely due to careful design and implementation, and the use of proven components coupled with proactive monitoring and maintenance.

Performance – Our clients realize maximum potential performance from the systems we design, install and support for them. Wherever possible, we test and measure system throughput to ensure that all components in the network are performing as expected.

Recoverability – Nearly all companies rely on their information systems in order to function so, it is vastly important to be prepared for system failures. While redundant components such as power supplies and hard drives, address the majority of typical failures, they cannot overcome more serious events such as loss of one or more servers, storage devices, computer room fire, etc.

Industry Standard – We recommend that our clients invest in mainstream, business-class and enterprise-class products. This provides the client with hardware and software solutions that are warranted by major manufacturers and are supportable by a majority of IT professionals.  

Services we provide:

• IT Consulting • Design and Implementation • Upgrades and Migrations • Troubleshooting and Repair • Help Desk Support Services • Hosted Backup Services • Hosted Disaster Recovery Services • Internet and VPN Implementation • Wide-Area Networking Expertise • Mobile Device Integration • Office Relocations • Life-cycle management of hardware and backup media • Warranty renewals and upgrades for hardware such as servers, switches, firewalls, routers, etc. • Software licensing and renewals • SSL Certificate licensing and installation • Email protection services

Partnering With McMillan Consulting

We support a variety of companies that have one or more in-house IT resources as well as those that have none. While these two types of clients may have different internal resources, they still have the same support requirements. Based on the IT support needs of the company and the skill sets of its internal resources, we can customize our support offerings to ensure the best blend of technical resources are available when and where you need them.

Our clients leverage our extensive experience in designing solutions to address their technology and business needs. Whether the solution is wholly provided by us or by a third-party, such as an applications implementer, we add value. For example, when our clients decide to implement a new application, we provide support to ensure that the hardware and network requirements of the application are met. We provide support to the application vendor for the installation of their application onto the client’s system and facilitate remote access for implementation and ongoing support. We often act as a liaison with the application vendor, communicating at a highly technical level while looking out for our client’s best interests.

A growing trend that we have seen in the industry, has been the transition for businesses to outsource their system and network support while redirecting and focusing their internal IT/IS resources onto the implementation of applications and to further advance information systems and business intelligence. This makes great sense economically, as most small companies simply cannot justify the cost of staffing all the technical resources necessary to support and maintain today’s complex networks. Directing your internal resources for IS purposes, leverages their existing knowledge of your business, employees, customers and processes in a way that is not sensible to outsource. Network Inventory, Assessment and Recommendation

Inventory of the current network will provide us with the information that we need to make a comprehensive assessment and provide our recommendations for your systems. McMillan will inventory all IT assets including: servers and storage, backup solutions, network switches, firewalls, wireless access points, workstations, printers, anti-virus, and etc. We will then analyze our findings and make recommendations for the improvement of the network for the purposes of increased security, reliability, functionality, performance and recoverability. This recommendation will provide your company with componentized budgetary figures for a phased approach to upgrading your company’s network to current standards, aligning the company’s technology with the corporate IT strategy while improving capability. As a by-product of this project, a network inventory application will be installed and left in-place that will provide on-going value. This application regularly scans the network and catalogs all networked devices as well as provides a software inventory, history of software changes, and a variety of other features that streamline support efforts on the network.

Service Offerings

Help Desk Services Our help desk technicians provide first line support for end-user needs requested by phone or submitted electronically. All requests for support are documented in our service ticketing system and are managed through closure. Leveraging remote desktop capability our technicians quickly interact with the end-user to see and address their specific issue. Our help desk service is offered with a flat monthly fee to help our clients manage their end-user support costs. Support is offered on a 24x7 hour basis. Network/Systems Maintenance and Support This offering provides monitoring and proactive maintenance of your most critical IT assets, such as servers, storage, backup systems, networking devices, firewall, Internet connection, wireless access points, etc. Our real-time monitoring systems continually record vital metrics and oversee the health of your IT platform. This system helps diminish downtime by alerting our technicians when established thresholds are exceeded; such as low disk space or high CPU on servers, high latency across your network or your Internet connection. When used in conjunction with our help desk service offering, our help desk technicians have the authority to escalate more challenging or service impacting issues such as; server down, network device down, and Internet outages to highly skilled specialists who will work to quickly resolve the issue. In addition to your hardware assets, our specialists will maintain your software platforms such as; vmWare, Exchange, database, Online Backup Service Available immediately are our hosted backup services. Your data is backed up to local storage and then replicated to our data center. This backup solution ensures that your data is safely stored off-site to protect it from catastrophic loss.