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Finding Strength in Times of Struggle: Fresno-Area Resident Creates A Senior Blessing

Local resident, Cathy Jason, recently created an elder care placement company, A Senior Blessing, to help others experiencing the confusion and overwhelm of finding proper elder care.

Corbin Cash Sweet Potato Spirits: Family Farmers First, Award-Winning Spirits Second

5 generations of sweet potato farmers make up Corbin Cash Sweet Potato Spirits. We got ahold of David Souza, founder & Master Distiller and Colin Baugh, their PR manager, to get the scoop.

Cen Cali Life Magazine's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Keeping it Local

We've compiled a few local-area small businesses and nonprofits that are selling some unique and fun things this season, as well as a few gift ideas.

Engelmann Cellars: Small Batch Winemaking to Create Truly Exceptional Wines

Engelmann Cellars is a small boutique winery focusing on quality in the vineyard that is carried throughout the small batch winemaking process to create truly exceptional wines.