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Central Valley Scuba Center Offers Class on Sign Language for Divers

Nancy Delich & Stephen Roberts teach people how to communicate underwater with their the sign language for divers course at the Central Valley Scuba Center.

Downtown Lompoc Unveils Unique Crosswalk

Lompoc now has the distinction of being the only place between LA and San Francisco to feature street art that uses crosswalks as canvases.

Web Extra: Central California Life Outtakes

The photos that didn't make our online web stories.

The psychology of gift giving

With the arrival of functional brain imaging, scientists have now seen that the act of giving a gift activates the reward center of our brains.

Fighting the flu comes naturally

Whether or not to get the flu vaccine is a sensitive subject. Passions tend to run high on both sides.

Exploring mining towns in Mariposa County

Mariposa, is the largest community in the county with a population of 2,200. Several deep mines worked underground veins during and after the gold rush years.

A Shoemaker’s Spirit

Arsen Sheklian continues father’s legacy of kindness, generosity and quality craftsmanship.

February Calendar of Events

From the winter 2016 issue.

Skip Essick the ‘Radio Artist’

Election Day in 1968 was Skip Essick’s first day of full-time employment on the air. It was also the first time he ever cussed on the air!

Little Leaf Expands Tea Room to Bar

Little Leaf Bar’s evolution from its parent tea room, also named Little Leaf and accessible through the always-open connecting door, was an organic development.