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Carr, Matthews Lead the Way for Bulldog Alum in 2015-16

Mar 03, 2016 ● By Kevin

Fresno State NFL report for the 2015-16 season.

Story of Near-century-old Tradition Wows Readers in 2015

Feb 19, 2016 ● By Kevin

We take a look back at your favorite stories from last year.

Berkeley: Beyond the stereotypes

Dec 09, 2015 ● By Kevin

Berkeley is our oasis and now we get high off the beauty that surrounds us.

When you aren’t ready to retire: The best may be yet to come

Dec 08, 2015 ● By Kevin

Many people find themselves in retirement, either voluntarily or involuntarily. This major life change raises similar financial and psychological issues regardless of the circumstances.

RawFresno: A healthy and delicious diet alternative

Dec 08, 2015 ● By Kevin

Less than a month after her son died, Naomi Hendrix was diagnosed with dysbiosis, a bacterial imbalance in the gut or intestines caused by many things, including an imbalanced diet. For Hendrix, the diagnosis had far-reaching implications.

Trainer Rhonda Murphy: Journey of transformation

Dec 08, 2015 ● By Kevin

Rhonda Murphy, founder of Rhonda's Personal Training, is a personal trainer that started the business 25 years ago after a much-loved firefighting career ended early.

A history of engagement: The San Joaquin Valley Town Hall lecture series

Dec 04, 2015 ● By Kevin

The long-standing tradition began with a woman straight out of Nashville, Tennessee. Women have played key roles in the organization ever since.

Stephen H. Provost’s Fresno Growing Up

Nov 30, 2015 ● By Kevin

A book review from the Autumn 2015 print edition.

Culinary Artist: Baker Jose Sanchez

Nov 18, 2015 ● By Kevin

Jose Sanchez, who has combined his love of baking and art, owns the Sweet Palette Bakery. His slogan is “Art You Can Taste.”

Idle Hour: Oakhurst’s first winery is thriving

Nov 18, 2015 ● By Kevin

Winemaker Anna Marie Dos Remedios and business partner Deb Payne own and operate Idle Hour and the accompanying Queen’s Inn By The River, an eight-room inn within walking distance of the winery.