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3 Simple Ways for Your Business to Support Local Charities, Causes & Nonprofits

Feb 25, 2020 05:49PM ● By Brian O

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Are you looking for a few easy ways to give back, support your community, and make a difference?

Here are 3 simple ways your business can make an impact for free...

Highlight local nonprofits you support

Whether you donate money, volunteer, provide raffle prizes or simply support their mission your efforts make "here" a community.

Creating a 'directory' of causes you support and featuring them on your website helps expose these organizations to new people in the community. More than that, 
values is one of the four reasons people choose to work with you.

You can 
use this free tool to create this directory and add it to your website. Best of all, the nonprofits you support can use it to highlight you and their other supporters right back.

Share events and fundraisers

As a business, you're looking for things to share on social media why not share events and fundraisers from nonprofits you support?

This is a fast and easy way to spread the word and engage locals - again, it makes you look good.

You can go further by 
adding a community calendar to your own website.

Add a Donations page to your website

You likely already get donations requests, why not formalize the process?

This page should include a description of the sorts of organizations you've supported in the past, why it's important to your business and how you can provide support.

This is a great way for you to support the causes you want to while politely saying "no" to those you don't. Be sure to 
couple this page with a form so people can answer questions and not merely call or email you directly.

If you're a business that already gives back then these three options should give you some great new ways to #SupportLocal in 2020.
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Karen Maroot