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Fresno Beard & Moustache Club Talks All Things Facial Hair

Feb 22, 2017 05:15PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Image courtesy of the Fresno Beard & Moustache Club's Facebook page.

Fresno Beard & Moustache Club recently held a unique fundraising event, the 2nd Facial Hair Competition. It was facial-hair-filled, to say the least!

We wanted to learn a little bit more about this beardly Fresno-area club, so we reached out to the president of the club, Shawn Hasson, to learn a little bit more about what inspired him to start it, as well as what we should expect in the future.

Tell us a little bit about the Fresno Beard & Moustache Club. When and how did it get started?

In 2009, I started the club. At that time I was sporting a handlebar moustache, which is a moustache that curls at the ends with wax, product, or just naturally. I had some friends who would experiment with their facial hair and noticed other individuals in the community who seemed quite proud of their facial hair. Researching other clubs (there weren't very many back then) I saw that there weren't any that were local. I thought that I should start one so people could get together in unity through facial hair.

At the time, beards and moustaches were not as popular, so styling products, etc were harder to come by and limited. This made having a group of people as a form of support and encouragement sound appealing to me. I didn't get any tips and tricks from people on how to style my moustache so I had to learn on my own, including learning the confidence it takes to wear the facial hair proudly. I figured, if people could have a group to encouraging facial hair experimentation, like urging someone to see what their beard might look like after 6 months, they would feel supported.

Tell us a little bit about you. What is your role with the group?

I'm President of the group, as I started the club. But we all bring something unique to our meetings and events. At meetings I usually discuss events coming up, things for us to do, the next meeting location, and then we have an open forum for others to discuss all things facial hair related, like outings and such. 

There is was recently an event, the 2nd Annual Facial Hair Competition. What can someone expect to learn about it?

What folks can expect to learn about our second competition that there were quite a lot of unique styles for facial hair, and just as unique costumes and personalities. One would also see we have a lot of fun together because many neighboring clubs, such as Sacramento and Los Angeles, go to many of the same competitions so really it's like a facial hair family reunion. It's definitely an avenue for someone to express themselves with their whiskers on stage while having some fun, and maybe even taking home a trophy!

Additionally, there's always so many different facial hair products, styling aids, brushes, combs, oils and balms. 

What was most memorable about the event? 

Image courtesy of the Fresno Beard & Moustache Club's Facebook page.

The thought that was put into the details, their creativity, and the skill these folks put into styling their facial hair. Also, the Whiskerina category is pretty fun to see. It's a category where mostly women will create their own beards and moustaches with miscellaneous materials in a theme with their outfit which is pretty neat to watch. Feathers, bottle caps, fishing nets with various sea creatures stuck in it are a few Whiskerina styles for example. Really there is no limit to what can be done.

I suppose the Freestyle category is really entertaining as well - anything goes in this category. One of our members created a tea cup and saucer with his beard and used his moustache to spell out the phrase "tea time" and he dressed as the bearded mad hatter. Freestyle is really something to see. 

Anything else we should know about you or the group? 

Well, I still consider myself a moustache guy even though I now have a beard myself (I grew it out because I missed what it looked like). I also have trophies, one for both my beard and moustache. I enjoy my own facial hair and seeing the unique expression of other people's whiskers, probably because it looks old time-y and the way gentleman looked back when having facial hair was really dignified.

Also, the majority of the proceeds from our second competition was donated to the Marjoree Mason Center as we like to give back to our community, support local businesses within the community, and have a good name associated with facial hair! 

Click here to view the full gallery of the event. 

To learn more about this fun group, as well as any upcoming activities, you can visit their Facebook page
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