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Healthful Thinking: Fresno-Area Spots with Tasty, Healthy Dishes

Feb 03, 2017 02:02PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

The Elbow Room's Stuffed Chicken. Courtesy of user Eric T.

We all know the importance of eating healthy. Especially with the new year well underway, plenty of resolutions surround eating healthy and practicing healthier habits. However, it's about that time into the year where older, less healthy, habits start creeping back into life as the mundane routines kick in. Pizza becomes a more frequent meal, and greens get thrown to the wayside. (And we aren't talking about the healthier, thin crust wood fired pizza here!)

Luckily, there are plenty of places in the Fresno-Area that offer healthy -- and tasty! -- meals. We've compiled a few of them here for your consideration, so the urge to reach for the pizza can be at least a little bit resisted (or a healthier option can be chosen, at the very least)! 

The Annex Kitchen

Courtesy of Marlon M. on

2257 W Shaw Ave
Fresno, CA

Wood Fired Puttanesca Pizza. Courtesy of AJ N. on

The Annex Kitchen is an Italian-Inspired restaurant influenced by the seasonal offerings of farmers throughout Central California. The cuisine seeks to reflect the rustic, ingredient focused cooking of regional Italy. The focus of the menu revolves around housemade pastas, grilled meats and vegetables from a wood burning hearth, and pizzas baked in our wood burning Acunto oven.

The full bar also draws inspiration from locally sourced seasonal produce in its development of modern crafted cocktails while also paying homage to the classics.

"I'm going to get to the point, FANTASTIC! I live in New York and I can safely say these guys cook with way more passion. I had the best hangar steak of my life - which was cooked on a wood fire grill, which is how they cook all their meats." -- Sabin C., Yelp

A few healthy dishes include the Wood Fired Puttanesca Pizza (that's right, we wanted to give a healthier PIZZA alternative!) and the Grilled Trout Plate.

To view their full delectable menu, you can visit their website

Tree of Life Café & Bakery

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(559) 663-7776

2931 Kern St. 
Fresno, CA

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Tree Of Life Café & Bakery is being planted in downtown Fresno as a symbol of renewal in Fresno city. They are an urban cafeteria where slow food is served fast. Foods are prepared by hand, taking various dietary needs into consideration. They include gluten-free baked goods, dairy-free treats, and vegetarian and vegan entrees on the menu.

I love this place!  I love the ambiance (a So. Cal coastal feel), and I like the concept that everything in the restaurant, from the food to the decor is local.  I also appreciate that the staff is friendly and they validate parking." -- Steven C., Yelp

Some of their many healthy dishes include the Yogurt, fruit and Fresnola Parfait and the Wheat Berry Salad with Kale & Butternut Squash.

For more information about their tasty dishes, you can visit 
their website

Piazza Del Pane

Courtesy of
user Kara L..


799 W. Palmdon Dr.
Fresno, CA

Piazza Del Pane claims they are the "perfect balance between fine dining and the friendly comfort of an Italian Piazza." They offer fine dining and have plenty of room for booking special events. Yes, there is also pizza involved, but there are also so many other healthier options to choose from that will still leave you feeling satisfied.

I love Piazza Del Pane! It is my go-to spot whenever I am in town. It is my Italian restaurant of choice when choosing a place to meet up with old friends." -- Tammy Y., Yelp 

Healthy dishes include the 
Grilled Chicken Salad and the Grilled Mahi Mahi plate.

Visit their website to explore more menu options. 

The Elbow Room


731 W. San Jose Avenue
Fresno, CA

Stuffed Chicken. Courtesy of user Eric T.

Imagine visiting your favorite San Francisco-style steakhouse. Place it in the heart of California and invite all your friends to meet you there, and you’ll experience The Elbow Room. From the day the doors first opened in 1955, The Elbow Room has been serving the best steak sandwich anywhere and it’s still the number one item on the menu today. Enjoy an artisan approach to comfort food 364 days a year. Taste seasonal favorites, like locally sourced fresh fruits, vegetables and Harris Ranch Black Angus beef. Their famous steak sandwich is still our #1 seller, as it has been since 1955. Completely remodeled in 2013, with three uniquely designed banquet rooms – perfect for any special occasion or private event.

I love this place. I come here often and this place never fails to amaze me. The food is so good and the staff are  welcoming.  I often sit at the bar and chat with the bartender about my day." -- Yoko C., Yelp

Some healthy dishes include the Shrimp & Crap Salad Sandwich and the Stuffed Chicken plate.  

their website to find out more about their history, as well as their tasty menu. 

Eat Healthy on the Lake:

Vacationing at Bass Lake? Don't worry, we have some ideas, too!

Ducey's on the Lake

Courtesy of

39255 Marina Dr.
Bass Lake, CA

Ducey's Salad with Ahi Tuna. courtesy of user Carissa W.

The signature restaurant at the Pines Resort, Ducey's On the Lake provides an upscale steakhouse setting that's perfect for families and special occasions. Enjoy delicious steaks, seafood and pastas, along with a diverse menu of flavorful dishes made with fresh, California-grown ingredients. 

"Great food and even better service. Both upstairs and down. Such a great lakeside retreat!" -- Ma M., Yelp

Healthy dishes include the Ducey's Salad with Ahi Tuna and the Mary's Organic Chicken Breast plate. 

To view more menu options, you can visit their website.