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Fresno Community Rises Up & Shows Support After Fire at Livingstone’s

Jan 17, 2017 12:56PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Livingstone's employees. Image courtesy of

This photo showing the inside of
Livingstone’s from the patio was
posted by the Fresno Fire Department
PIO. (Courtesy of @FresnoFire)

On December 20th, 2016, Livingstone's Restaurant & Pub caught fire and caused around $400,000 worth of damage. Luckily, the local community rallied support for the employees. 

Livingstone's Bar & Grill has been one of the lasting older businesses in the Tower District of Fresno, and beloved by many. It's a staple in an area that has seen so much change in recent years. 

Unfortunately, the fire caused so much damage that they needed to close until repairs have been made. Though the owners are optimistic about opening as soon as possible, it's unsure when that will be. This left Firestone's 30 employees suddenly without paychecks during the Christmas season.

Thankfully, the local community was filled with compassion for these employees and a GoFundMe page was quickly pulled together. The page was created by Joey Fernandez, a local community member that was approached by, and collaborated with, others to help Firestone's employees.

The initial goal was to raise $7,000 for the employees that had temporarily lost their income. This goal was reached almost within the day. The goal was raised to $15,000 by their expiration date of December 30th, $11,637 total had been raised. 

In a post on GoFundMe by Joey the first week of January 2017, "We were able to raise $11,637 in total and I'm so proud of my neighborhood and all the folks who make Tower District our special little community of love. The first half of the money was given before Christmas and the remaining balance will be given before the week ends."

So, as a result of the kindness and generosity of the Fresno and surrounding communities, not only were these employees able to enjoy their Christmas, they were able to spend stress-free time with their families. 

Thank you to everyone who showed their support!