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St. Francis Homeless Project: Helping Women in Recovery One Dog Biscuit at a Time

Nov 22, 2016 02:34PM ● Published by Melanie Heisinger

St Francis Homeless Project. Photo courtesy of their Facebook page.

The St. Francis Homeless Project is a nonprofit organization. What they do is take in women who are in recovery and offer them the opportunity to learn how to make, sell and distribute all-natural dog treats. This then prepares these women for their futures in the workforce, as well as builds confidence, relationships, and skill sets. 

The organization offers women in recovery the opportunity and resources to allow them to become self-reliant. This space helps them create positive change in their lives through an educational training program in which they are responsible for producing and distributing all natural dog biscuits. 

Their all natural dog biscuits, Dog's Dig 'Em, are being made by women who are recovering from substance abuse and homelessness. The organization gives them that "Second Chance". Making and baking Dog's Dig 'Em treats is a vehicle for these women to become more self reliant. 

The women receive work skills, your dog gets tasty healthy treats and you get the opportunity to help your community. 

Their Mission: 

Dog treats help the homeless get back into the workforce! Dedicated to creating a strong relationship between you and your dog as well as you and your community. 

Their Product:

Their product, Dog's Dig 'Em, is 100% Natural Dog Biscuits and Treats. To order, donate or inquire about distribution, please message them through Facebook, email or call!
(559) 225-1548,

Average Donation is $10 and they will send you an irresistible package of your choice.

Your delicious choices to choose from:
*Turkey Sweet Potato*
*Peanut Butter and Honey*
*Beef Liver Toasties*
*Mutt Mix*
*Mini Mutt Mix*
*Bacon Cheeseburger*
*Beef Stew Biscuits* 
*Pet Food Seasoning*
(Beef Liver)

What better way to get involved this holiday season than by donating to a good cause? 

All photos and content courtesy of the St. Francis Homeless Project Facebook page.

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