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Downtown Fresno Construction: Get Excited

Sep 22, 2016 12:27PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Photo courtesy of the Downtown Fresno Partnership newsletter.

2016 is definitely the year of construction in downtown. Here is a look at a couple of the projects currently underway.

Fulton Street Reconstruction Project

Everyday Fulton Street becomes more visible as crews have tirelessly been working through the summer. The project has been split into three super blocks with each seeing some sort of construction within the first four months of the project.
North Super Block 

The bulk of the construction can be seen in super block 3, the southern end, as Kern Street can now clearly be seen. As construction continues over the next year it is important that we all support the businesses along Fulton. Help us by spreading the word that ALL BUSINESSES ARE OPEN DURING CONSTRUCTION.

Fulton Street Art Collection - Fulton Street Reconstruction Project

Here are some pics of the Fulton Street Art being rebuilt and reinstalled. Some of the pieces will be cleaned and repaired in Fresno, others will be shipped by art shippers L.A. Packing, Crating and Transport to Sculpture Conservation Studios in Los Angeles for the highest level care. Five million dollars is being invested in the restoration of the art.

 Below is an update on conservation of Aquarius Ovoid by Fulton Street artist George Tsutakawa: The sculpture has been sand blasted, repaired and will have final finish and patina applied soon. New parts have been fabricated and installed. Check out the before  and after pics.


The Lede

The Lede, Granville’s ninth downtown project, is now leasing phase 2! The remaining 75 units are scheduled to be complete sometime late summer 2016. For more information on The Lede project, including leasing information, visit their website.   

Parker-Nash Building

Tutelian is in the process of transforming the structure into a state-of-the-art charter school for downtown favorite, Kepler Neighborhood School. After a couple months of selection demolition the project has now moved on to the rebuilding stage.
Photo: Steve Skibbie

California High-Speed Rail

Hard work is paying off at the high-speed rail project sites in downtown. Since the start of construction more than a year ago, the high-speed rail now has seven active sites within the central valley with more to come this fall. The Tuolumne Bridge project has been quite impressive to watch over the last six months. The new two-way bridge will be a great addition to the downtown! 


See below for a time-lapse video of the Fulton Mall Reconstruction Project!

There is so much more happening right here in Downtown Fresno. Visit 
Downtown Fresno Partnership's website to learn about the many exciting projects going on right now. 

All content courtesy of the 
Downtown Fresno Partnership newsletter. 

Fulton Mall Reconstruction Project: Work Zone Cam Time-Lapse Movie