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Fulton Film Company Aims to Bring the Film Industry to Fresno

Aug 11, 2016 04:17PM ● By Melanie Heisinger
In Fresno, Fulton Film Company is working with the community to provide a space where people can work in film and still make a living wage, without the necessity of a full time job. They also offer affordable space -- $20 an hour -- for working on projects, or even screening a film. 

Founded in June, people at Fulton Film Company can be creative in a supportive and inspiring environment, while getting advice on how to live comfortably.

George Ohan, the head organizer at Fulton Film Company, has a mission for the creativity of the Fresno area, and hopes that others feel inspired to try something new. 

Tell be about Fulton Film Company. When did it get started?

George Ohan: FFC is a place that I thought of creating to give artists a place to collaborate. It sucks to be surrounded by mediocrity in Starbucks while you're trying to create greatness. Fulton Film Company gives creatives a place to come and exchange ideas, build, and learn from each other.

What is the ultimate goal of the company?

GO: My goal is to train the youth about entrepreneurship and earning a sustainable living wage, without having to get a 9-5 job.

What's the most memorable moment you've had working at Fulton Film Company?

GO: My most memorable moment so far has been the grand opening day. On that same day I got a call to work on MineCraft set in Hollywood, my partner KP booked a TV reality show producing gig in Ohio, and we landed a digital marketing contract for the Asian World Film Festival 2016... When it rains, it pours! 

What are the hopes for the future?

GO: My hopes for the future are to create community programs to help at-risk youth, military veterans, and women in business.

Is there an age limit to who can attend your classes? What kind of classes are offered? 

GO: We are the alternative to taking your kids to a Karate class. We have weekly training for actors and filmmakers. We teach people of all ages about stunt fighting for film, producing, directing, cinematography, acting, modeling, and anything related to entertainment business.

We offer many digital marketing services to small businesses. We teach the small business owner how to take control of their digital content and social media sites too.