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Concerts Under the Stars Celebrates 130th Year

Jun 28, 2016 10:00AM ● Published by Melanie Heisinger

Dale Engstrom (Kingsburg Summer Band Director)

Concerts Under the Stars is an event in Kingsburg that takes place once a week with live music and vendors. 

Every Thursday evening, Dale Engstrom will be leading the City Band in 2016 as it provides music and summertime entertainment for the Valley during its 130th season. Make plans now to be a part of this long-standing tradition! Visit Kingsburg City Band for more information.

Concerts are every Thursday night for 6 weeks. 

The final concert is July 28. Free admission.

Vendor area opens at 5pm, 8:00pm concerts.

Kingsburg Memorial Park. Dale Engstrom - Conductor.

Concerts Under the Stars - start Jun 30 2016 0500PM

Concerts Under the Stars -

Jun 30, 2016 05:00PM

Every Thursday through July, Dale Engstrom will be leading the City Band in 2016 as it provides music and summertime entertainment for the Valley during its 130th season. Make plans now t... Read More » 

For more information contact the Kingsburg Chamber of Commerce at 897-1111 or email Adam Castanada at

There will be a different soloist every week.

Kingsburg City Band History 

The Kingsburg City Band has a long and impressive history.  Founded in 1887 it is one of the oldest community bands in the United States.  The group has a tradition of presenting quality programs that please young and old alike.  Each concert features a guest soloist, conductor or small group.  The musical selections vary from Sousa to Stravinsky.  The free concerts begin at 8:00 PM on Thursday nights in the beautiful Kingsburg Memorial Park. Head east on Conejo (Sierra) off of highway 99 to Memorial Park across from the high school.

The first director of the band was a Swede by the name of Mr. Claus.  He was a cornet player and led the first band of 14 musicians in 1887 at the railway platform.  Today’s band boasts approximately 80 members in the remodeled band shell.  The musicians come from as far as Merced and Los Banos.  There have been a total of 30 directors in its 129-year history.  The current and longest standing director of the group is Dale Engstrom.  This will be his 38th year as director of the band.  The band is made up of farmers, doctors, professional and semi-professional musicians, bankers, you name it!  They all share the common goal of loving to make beautiful music together.  The City of Kingsburg, the Chamber of Commerce and various patrons help support this long-standing, family oriented tradition.  

To view current concerts please check out this web-site:

Content courtesy of Dale Engstrom, Kingsburg Summer Band Director.

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