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Meet the San Joaquin River Parkway & Conservation Trust's River Camp Staff

Jun 21, 2016 09:30AM ● By Melanie Heisinger

The 2016 River Camp Staff. Photo courtesy of San Joaquin River Parkway & Conservation Trust.

"You're in the Bobcats group this week," said Carson's mom as she signed him in for River Camp on Monday morning. 

As they approached the group and the smiling camp counselor holding up a colorful Bobcat sign, Carson heard his name being yelled with excitement. 

"Carson!!!!!" said River Camp Counselor Karra, "I'm so excited you're in my group again this year, you caught the biggest tadpole ever last summer!"

Even though a year had passed since she last saw him, Karra recognized Carson right away. 

"I'm going to find an even bigger tadpole this week," Carson said, happy to be remembered by his favorite counselor.
For the next 8 weeks, campers, parents, and camp staff will come together to share outdoor adventures at River Camp. By the end of each week, they will feel like family. 

Each member of the River Camp staff puts their heart and soul into creating an amazing experience for every child that attends camp. And often it's the campers who make an impact on the staff. 

The community is a part of the River Camp family too. Your support helps make programs like River Camp, and enriching camper-counselor connections, possible. 

Because you are a friend to the River Parkway Trust, we'd like to give you the inside scoop on the River Camp program. Stay tuned for fun weekly updates about the fun happenings at River Camp. 

Click here to visit the 2016 River Camp staff webpage and learn more about the reasons they love River Camp. 

If you'd like to help make this the best season ever at River Camp, please consider making a special donation today

All content courtesy of the San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust.