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Hume Lake Updates: Cancelations, How to Help

Sep 30, 2015 10:40AM ● By Kevin

Courtesy of Hume Lake on Facebook -

On Sept. 21, Hume Lake reported the wildfires that scorched the area and wreaked havoc on just about everything in its path were at 70 percent containment. Crews began mopping up hot burned areas daily and the region, Hume Lake reported on Facebook, is slowly becoming safe again.

"Today, after over a month of evacuation, full time Hume Lake staff have been cleared to return home, although the surrounding area remains under evacuation," the Sept. 21 post said. "We now begin the long process of cleaning smoke and ash out of our buildings and homes. We continue to pray for rain, as well as rest for the staff and families that have been displaced."

For more information on closures, please call the official fire information line at: 559-549-4837.

In addition to this information, Hume Lake has canceled most of its events due to air quality safety. Those of you who were signed up, if you have not already been contacted, will receive a call giving you the option of a full refund.

The following upcoming events were canceled or moved:

10/2Fall Women's Retreat #2
10/5Outdoor Education Week 1
10/9Girl's Retreat - MOVED: More Info
10/9Guest Group 1
10/9Guest Group 2
10/12Outdoor Education Week 2
10/15Fall Men's Retreat #1
10/19Outdoor Education Week 3
10/19Guest Group
10/22Fall Men's Retreat #2
10/23Guest Group
10/26Outdoor Education Week 4
10/26Fall Servants Week
10/31Guest Group 1
10/31Guest Group 2

There is a donation portal set up on the lake's website at Those who cannot donate can also volunteer time/skills. Sign up to help here.

Hume Lake Christian Camps has also set up a needs page...

"In addition to financial gifts, the ministry has been blessed over the years by “in-kind” gifts of equipment, vehicles and services. These gifts save the ministry thousands of dollars and often provide Hume with equipment or resources that it could not otherwise afford or obtain.

"The list below includes many items that will help advance the ministry of Hume Lake. Perhaps you have an item that is in good working order, but it is no longer being used. Or you are involved in a business that could support the ministry through one of these in-kind gift opportunities. You can also make a financial gift designated to the purchase of one of these items; please contact us for estimated pricing of the item(s) you are interested in funding.

"Please keep in mind that all in-kind gifts are subject to management’s review and acceptance, based on condition and suitability for ministry purposes."

Emergency Services:

  • Command Vehicle
  • Porta Pumps
  • Floto Pumps
  • 2 1/2" Supply Line
  • P25 Radios (15)
  • Water Tender Vehicle
  • Wildland Fire Fighting PPE 
  • 4X4 Security Patrol Vehicle
  • 14' Pontoon Rescue Boat
  • Type I or III ambulance AWD
  • UTV Rescue Vehicle with Kimtek or Medilite carrier

DIRT (Dudes in Rugged Terrain) Off-roading event in the desert each February:

  • Portable generators
  • Enclosed trailor
  • Lighting trusses


  • Pontoon Boat 14-16 feet
  • 12-passenger vans
  • Minivans
  • 4-wheel drive pick-up trucks
  • Suzuki Samurais
  • Quads
  • Golf Carts
  • GEM electric vehicle


  • Large 2-hour fire rated TL-15 commercial grade safe with approximately 12.5 cubic feet interior space

Creative Services:

  • Webcam: Stardot SDH500B - a b
  • Black Magic Ursa Mini 4.6K or RED Dragon Production camera
  • 3-axis DSLR camera stabilizer (MōVI or DJI Ronin-M)
  • DEFY Cable Cam system with gimble
  • Vinyl plotter for signs
  • LED Studio light kits
  • 60" Laminator
  • Power Paper Cutter
  • Quad - For moving equipment
  • AWD Van or SUV

Food Service:

  • Combi Ovens
  • Refrigeration box
  • Cedar Hall and Ponderosa kitchen flooring
  • Adult dishware
  • Buffett serving line carts


  • Stihl Chainsaws (26" bar, MS441, etc.)
  • Backpack Blowers (gas powered)
  • Tire changing machine
  • 4X4 trucks
  • Parking lot vacuum sweeper
  • Road sweeper
  • Front loader
  • Bear-proof trash and recycling cans
  • Dorm carpeting
  • Stump grinder
  • Air-operated oil dispenser
  • Large deck lawn mower
  • Snow blower for Joshua Lodge
  • Lift gate for stake bed delivery truck


  • Flat screen tv: indoor/outdoor versions
  • Intelligent stage light fixtures
  • Traditional stage light fixures
  • 6,000+ lumen projector
  • Video Switcher
  • Wireless video camera equipment
  • Any professional production gear!


  • Outdoor lighting for Joshua lodge
  • Snow blower for Joshua lodge
  • Boat dock
  • Portable bleachers

Support Services:

  • Commercial Dryer
  • Beds for Joshua, Hickory, and Black Oak lodges
  • Warehouse roll-up doors
The Facebook page provides frequent updates. Click here to visit.