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Book Review: Summer Lane’s State of Alliance

Apr 22, 2015 04:01PM ● By Cen Cali Life Magazine

Photo courtesy of Summer Lane

Book Review: Summer Lane’s State of Alliance

by Jeffery Williams

Summer Lane has published six novels during the past two years and has four more that will be released in 2015.

It’s a prolific output by any standards but is especially impressive given that the author is a 21-year-old full-time college student.

The fifth installment in Lane’s bestselling Collapse Series (Goodreads), a post-apocalyptic story set in California, is “State of Alliance,” a frenetically-paced adventure story with no shortage of military action and underdog survival twists.

While many post-apocalyptic stories are often rife with violence, twisted characters, adult language and sexuality, Lane’s works veer away from that path by keeping the focus on action, plot twists and budding romance. 

“I want to share my stories with the entire world and I can’t do that if things are too graphic. You cut people out, especially kids,” the Reedley College student says. “I want a kid to be able to enjoy the books as much as a retired veteran.”

“State of Alliance” begins with the destruction of the state Capitol – another attack from Omega, an invading military that combines China, Russia and North Korea. The United States has collapsed, but a Pacific Northwest Alliance of militia groups (Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington and Canada) is forming to protect the Pacific Coast and repel the enemy. Despite having no electricity or advanced technology, the militias’ resolve proves challenging for Omega to quash.

Cassidy Hart, a 20-year-old battle-hardened sniper and militia commander, has been elected to represent California in its talks with the Alliance. Unfortunately, the plan to bring representatives together is fraught with peril as Omega makes multiple attempts to destroy the leaders.

Although the protagonist possesses military insight and commando skills, she has tender concern for her missing father and a romantic pining for Chris Young, a rugged member of the militia. (In an earlier book, Hart rescues Young from an Omega prison camp, which only serves to strengthen the bond between them.)

Lane manages to balance the scenes of action and escapade with displays of friendship and romance. Her main characters’ reflections bounce between military survival and tactics with a longing for love, peace and normalcy. 

Lane’s quick-paced plots are clearly crafted to be page-turners. Local readers will appreciate the references to the Central Valley, Sacramento and Monterey, the primary setting of this series.

As a writer, Lane’s own story began at age 13. Finding herself with ample time after school, she began writing novels, which led to the creation of her own online magazine, “Writing Belle” ( From that magazine, she created WB Publishing, which has given her a platform for all her interests – journalism, PR, publishing and teaching.

Though Lane is now in college, she says “telling stories will always be my number one passion.”


Lane’s books are available online at and

            Jeffery Williams has been a high school English teacher for 27 years. He is also a freelance writer and the award-winning author of the novel “Pirate Spirit."