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Spotlight: Fresno State freshman places third in the world

Feb 17, 2015 09:43PM ● By Cen Cali Life Magazine


Fresno State freshman places third in the world

by Abigail Martin

Fresno State equestrian team member and first-year student Hailey Robinson took third place in the novice horse, non-pro, Level 1 event for the National Reigning Horse Association in January. Her ranking as third in the world was calculated by adding up the entire points she earned during the association’s 2014 shows.

“It felt really amazing actually. I didn’t think I could go that far,” Robinson said. “I definitely developed more as a rider.”

The novice horse, non-pro, Level 1 rank features non-professional equestrians who ride horses that have not previously won in a race.

Originally from Petaluma, Calif., Robinson started riding when she was a young girl. While she always had the support of her family, she said, her high school community did not offer the same encouragement.

“I used to be told that [equestrianism] and riding horses wasn’t a sport from my teachers,” Robinson said. “It was kind of upsetting because I believe it’s ranked second to swimming in physical exertion. It’s a pretty competitive, athletic sport.”

Robinson described the athleticism required of equestrians.

“It’s a lot of effort to keep yourself up and hold yourself up where you need to be on the horse,” she said. “You use a lot of your core muscles, and you use a lot of your leg muscles to hold on.”

Robinson said she’s looking forward to being a student and equestrian team member at Fresno State, where she is majoring in animal science.