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Spotlight: Gibson Elementary School participates in Arthop

Feb 17, 2015 09:30PM ● Published by Cen Cali Life Magazine

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Gibson Elementary School participates in Arthop

by Abigail Martin

The lobby of the Warnors Center for the Performing Arts was adorned with snowmen-covered walls, tables of colorful ceramic flowers and fourth-grade Picasso impressions during Gibson Elementary School’s art exhibit on Dec. 4.

The exhibit, part of the Fresno Arts Council’s monthly ArtHop event, attracted families and art enthusiasts alike.

Gibson’s Vice Principal Erin Bohigian said the artwork was created by the school’s students and teachers.

“The idea was to do something that would really showcase all the great things that our students do, all of the artwork that they do,” she said.

More than 1,000 pieces were showcased, with every student at the school being represented. The exhibit also included performances by Gibson’s choir and band.

Bohigian, who organized the art show, said, “I believe in the downtown being revitalized and I thought this was a fantastic opportunity to bring our community down to an incredible historic venue that some of these kids have probably never been to.”

The pieces displayed varied in style, color, shape and size. Most children were able to complete their projects thanks to the assistance of their teachers and volunteer parents and staff.

“Our librarian, who is incredibly talented, has done work that focuses on the masters and has the kids learning some of the same style of artwork,” Bohigian said. “So for example, Picasso and cubism – you see some of that replicated here, in their style, not just copying the master’s work.”

Fourth-grader Kathleen Robinson proudly pointed to her Christmas Tree mosaic, explaining that a similar one displayed next to it was made by her kindergarten reading buddy.

“I feel really happy that all of these people, all of these adults, came to see how we do our art at Gibson School,” Robinson said.

The exhibit was part of a Bullard High regional schools program called Enrichment Wheel, in which students have the opportunity to participate in arts, music and athletics – subjects that expand beyond the regular educational experience.

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