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Sip: Kuppa Joy

Jun 28, 2014 03:08PM ● By Cen Cali Life Magazine

SIP: Kuppa Joy

by Kendra Gilbert

After hearing nothing but raves about Kuppa Joy in Old Town Clovis, I had to check it out for myself. 

On a sunny Wednesday (then again, what day isn’t sunny in the Valley?), I stepped into the crowded (but not offensively so) coffee shop on Clovis Avenue and ordered my first cup of joy. Literally.

“I’ll have the Almond Joy,” I said to the barista. See, it’s right there in the name.

I took a stool at the bar at the front of the shop looking out onto Clovis Avenue. It was the perfect spot to enjoy my first sip.

Ahhhh! Made with espresso, chocolate, almond-and coconut-infused steamed milk and microfoam, it tasted much like the candy bar with which it shares a name. Poured over ice, it was refreshing and enjoyable to sip as I watched the cars go by.

Kuppa Joy is possibly the hippest coffee shop in Clovis, if not Fresno. A quick check of the coffee shop’s Facebook page will reveal that your friends have been liking its posts and “checking in” regularly since it opened back in 2012.

The exposed brick walls and masculine wood furnishings inside Kuppa Joy give it an urban vibe usually found in big-city coffee shops in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

Unlike in the big cities, at Kuppa Joy, your organic fair-trade coffee is served without a side of hipster.

Do yourself a favor. Go. Drive, pedal, walk, skip or, better yet, run!

The only thing healthier than a little bit of exercise is a heart full of joy. And this place serves that up by the cupful.